Bernardaud - Organza

Bernardaud - Organza

A collection with the simplicity of fabric weave as its decoration is perfectly suited for contemporary or minimalistic interiors. The decor diminishes the undesirable appearance of fingerprints that can occur with food service. The collection includes a large number of pieces that correspond to most food service applications. All Organza plates are available in the coupe shape with or without a rim. Extra resistant cups exist that are also stackable. Recent research done by the company on resistance to mechanical shock allows Bernardaud to offer shapes that combine durability with refinement of design. Organza is well suited for a chic bistro setting as well as a grand, formal dining establishment.

Organza Tapas Plate

Bernardaud Organza Tapas Plate


Organza Espresso Cup & Saucer

Bernardaud Organza Espresso Cup & Saucer


Organza Rim Soup Plate

Bernardaud Organza Rim Soup Plate


Organza Sugar Bowl

Bernardaud Organza Sugar Bowl


Organza Salad Bowl 11 Inch

Bernardaud Organza Salad Bowl 11 Inch


Organza Oval Platter 13 Inch

Bernardaud Organza Oval Platter 13 inch


Oranza Oval Platter 15 Inch

Bernardaud Organza Oval Platter 15 Inch


Organza Open Vegetable Dish

Bernardaud Organza Open vegetable Dish


Organza Mug

This large capacity cup is the perfect vessel for tea, coffee, hot chocolate or even soup. It can be safely carried from room to room. Also perfect at the office.


Organza Hot Beverage Server

Bernardaud Organza Hot Beverage Server


Organza Creamer

Bernardaud Organza Creamer


Organza Coupe Service Plate

Bernardaud Organza Presentation Plate

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