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Luxury Scented Candles & Diffusers

Max 10 Foty

Fragrance: Its cinnamon, amber, and cashmere wood perfume is an invitation to celebrate this season in the spirit of sharing and reveling.


Max 16 Mykonos

Mykonos, a fragrant basil, jasmine and patchouli candle, is decorated with a silk slip representing the marvellous village from which is takes its name. The stylised drawing has been hand-crafted by artisans.


Max 16 Odyssée Ulysse

Ulysses, the scented cedar wood candle in a glass jar, arrives decorated with subtle blue and turquoise motifs. The decorated glass leaves the flame visible while lending an effect of refinement and mystery.


Max 10 Rainforest Tanjung

Its woody fragrance with notes of cedar and galbanum will transport you to the freshness of the tropical forest, populated by extraordinary fauna.


Max 16 Rainforest Mayumbe

Its perfume, with notes of black pepper and galbanum, takes us to the magic of African high plateaus as a woody and refreshing fragrance.


Max 1 Saint Tropez

Fragrance: Rosemary, Mint, and Blackcurrant. Inspired by the coastal town of St-Tropez, this sweet berry fragrance features the stylized depiction of the sunny town in shades of yellow and orange.


Max 16 Palma

The Palma scented candle is poured in an amber glass reminiscent of the colors of the Medi- terranean sun.


Max 16 Ravintsara Ravina

Its fresh scent of mint and vetiver evokes the freshness of a summer cocktail.


Max 16 Swann

Fragrance: Its perfume of  iris, cedarwood and vetiver will delicately take its place in your interiors, where collections of art objects nostalgically recall the past.


Max 16 Grand Palais

Fragrance: Its coriander, patchouli, and tonka perfume will take you to the celestial glass nave of Paris and all of the nostalgia and mystery it evokes. 


Maxi Max Club Pampelonne

Fragrance: Its perfume releases a sweet scent of rosemary, mint, and blackcurrant.


Max 10 Odyssée Calypso

Calypso is a citrus scented decorative candle. The glass is decorated with subtle grey and orange motifs, giving an artisanal take on scented candles. Inside the glass, you can see the light of the flame, which gives a warm reflection of the decoration

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