Dionysos Decanter

Decanting a young wine allows its undertones to flourish, and decanting may also be a fitting option for an older wine that has yet to attain complete maturity.


Faunacrystopolis Harcourt Decanter

The perfect balance between heritage and fantasy! With the Faunacrystopolis pitcher, designer Jaime Hayon revisits with humor and poetry the codes of the iconic Harcourt glass.


Les Endiables Tommy

An astounding and explosive combination of parisons, created by José Lévy, results in a range of objects which are as stunning upside down as they are when standing rightside up.


Manhattan Coupe Cocktail Glass

Blend of American inspiration and a French sense of conviviality, Manhattan introduces the spirit of mixology at home.


Manhattan Square Decanter

Saint-Louis Crystal Manhattan Square Decanter


Folia Wine Glass

Saint-Louis Crystal Folia Wine Glass


Mood 24 Piece Set

Silver-plated flatware set contains 6 table knives, 6 table forks, 6 table spoons, and 6 teaspoons. A decorative silver egg-shaped case with a Walnut Wood interior disk stores the cutlery.


Iriana Whiskey Decanter

Add elegance and sophistication to cocktail parties with a crystal whiskey decanter with a stopper. The decanter makes a great housewarming or wedding gift.


Sommelier Water Tumbler

Sommelier Silver Plated Water Tumbler


Harmonie No 2 Tumbler S/2

The Baccarat Clear crystal Harmonie tumbler has a marvelously linear silhouette that would be ideal for any stocked bar.


Perfection Whiskey Decanter

This Baccarat Clear crystal Perfection square whiskey decanter has an exquisite classic silhouette, showcasing immaculate translucence from angular base to arched neck.


Faunacrystopolis Harcourt Tea Tumblers

The perfect balance between heritage and fantasy! With the Faunacrystopolis goblet, Jaime Hayon offers a new look to the Harcourt glass, a timeless icon of Baccarat.

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