Decorative Objects

Lucky Butterfly Diamant Midnight Blue

A small and precious lucky-charm object, the Baccarat butterfly gilded with fine midnight blue features a diamond cut giving brilliant reflections of light.


Minimals Tiger

An adorable tiger joins the Minimals collection. Embellished with fine gold, this creation by Allison Hawkes will be the perfect gift to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2022!


Faunacrystopolis Maneki Neko

A traditional Japanese talisman, Maneki-Neko is the "cat who invites" and brings fortune. Revisited by Jaime Hayon, the little feline is adorned with gold and original patterns.


Faunacrystopolis Blue Bird

The blue bird perfectly embodies the creative talent of Jaime Hayon. A mixture of poetry, vision and precise work on the material.


Lucky Butterfly White

A small precious object and lucky charm to collect, the crystal butterfly is now dressed in black to captivate all eyes with its mysterious presence.


Gold Sea Urchin Box

Metal clamshell box with sea urchin aesthetic.

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