Eye Frame Red

Memorable moments : framed. Picture frames with the amazing cuts of Eye Collection : horizontal cuts on the front, vertical at the back creating dazzling effects.


Folia Medium Photophore w/ Ash Base

Beautiful Candleholder from the cross-disciplinary Folia collection which echos the forest surrounding the Saint-Louis manufacture.


Dionysos Decanter

Decanting a young wine allows its undertones to flourish, and decanting may also be a fitting option for an older wine that has yet to attain complete maturity.


Lucky Butterfly Diamant Midnight Blue

A small and precious lucky-charm object, the Baccarat butterfly gilded with fine midnight blue features a diamond cut giving brilliant reflections of light.


Faunacrystopolis Harcourt Decanter

The perfect balance between heritage and fantasy! With the Faunacrystopolis pitcher, designer Jaime Hayon revisits with humor and poetry the codes of the iconic Harcourt glass.


Folia Mirror Satin Finished & Brush Brass

The extra-white mirror sits in a clear crystal glass, with a satin-finish bevelled cut.


Manhattan Bowl

Blend of American inspiration and a French sense of conviviality, Manhattan introduces the spirit of mixology at home. The collection is resolutely modern, embellished with bevel cuts forming an architectural decoration.


Max 24 South Beach

Fragrance: Its lemon, citron, and galbanum perfume will take you to the beaches of Florida.


Porsche Mirror

Handcrafted in Naples, with its subtle leather frame and minimalist design, this oversized floor mirror adds a finished touch to any room.


Dom Perignon Champagne Flute Box S/2

This Baccarat Clear crystal champagne flute was named in honor of a key figure that advanced the standards of excellence in oenology.


Gift Box - Aurum

The Aurum scented candle and fragrance diffuser feature one of the legendary fragrances from the Baobab Collection. We have created a monogram inspired by the 70's for a modern, creative makeover that is very much in keeping with our brand identity.

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