Diffuser Odysée Ithaque

The decorative aroma diffuser Ithaca is a vessel subtly decorated with a yellow and green graphic design.


Diffuser Odyssée Ulysse

The Ulysses fragrance diffuser for the home is decorated with subtle blue and turquoise motifs.


Diffuser Odyssée Calypso

The citrus home fragrance diffuser Calypso is made of glass, subtly coated in orange and grey scrollwork.


Diffuser Swann

Its perfume of iris, cedarwood and vetiver will delicately take its place in your interiors, where collections of art objects nostalgically recall the past.


Diffuser Gatsby

Its incense and amber perfume references the mysterious character of Fitzgerald’s novel, seen as wildly seductive and simultaneously impalpable in a black smoking on festive evenings in Long Island.

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