Bernardaud - Saphir Bleu

Bernardaud - Saphir Bleu

A radiating, indigo blue tie-dye pattern emerges through a woven fabric, texture, slightly opalescent and in relief. This decoration, which adorns the various pieces of the service, is easy to imagine in a seaside setting.

Saphir Bleu Tart Platter Round

Bernardaud Tart Platter Round 13 In


Saphir Bleu Creamer

Bernardaud Porcelain Creamer


Saphir Bleu 5 Piece Place Setting

Bernardaud Porcelain 5 Piece Place Setting


Saphir Bleu Tea Cup & Saucer

Bernardaud Porcelain Tea Cup & Saucer


Saphir Bleu Sugar Bowl

Bernardaud Porcelain Sugar Bowl


Saphire Bleu Salad Plate 8.3 In

Bernardaud Porcelain Salad Plate 8.3 In


Saphir Bleu Rim Soup 9 In

Bernardaud Porcelain Rim Soup 9 In


Saphir Bleu Oval Platter 15 In

Bernardaud Porcelain Oval Platter 15 In


Saphir Bleu Oval Platter 13 In

Bernardaud Oval Platter 13 In


Saphir Bleu Open Vegetable Bowl

Bernardaud Open Vegetable Bowl


Saphir Bleu Hot Beverage Server

Bernardaud Porcelain Hot Beverage Server


Saphir Bleu Espresso Cup & Saucer

Bernardaud Porcelain Espresso Cup & Saucer

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