Baobab Max 24 Palma Baobab Max 24 Palma
Baobab Max 24 Palma Baobab Max 24 Palma

Max 24 Palma


The Palma scented candle is poured in an amber glass reminiscent of the colors of the Medi- terranean sun.

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Details: Hand-engraved with a palm leaf pattern, the Palma scented candle is a beau- tiful decorative object for your home. Its floral and fruity fragrance is a blend of orange and magnolia, and will transport you to the vibrant world of the island of Mallorca. The birth of the city of Palma dates back to the Roman Empire. Founded by Quintus Caecillius Metellus, it is said to have been named after the Roman geographer Strabo, who mentioned the name Palma as a reminder of the many palm trees in the city. The city of Palma is the capi- tal of the island of Mallorca.

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